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Associations Awards

This award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond their current job in contributing his or her time and talents for the advancement of Canadian country music nationally. Named in honour of Hank Smith in , Mr. Smith had the foresight to energize, promote and support the first organization to work for country music in Canada. As the founding president of the Academy of Country Music Entertainment the organization which preceded the CCMA , Smith planted the seeds of the association with the goal of fostering Canadian country music. This award was established in out of the desire to celebrate those who have been propelled beyond the borders of the country music genre onto an international stage.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The CCMA Generation Award highlights these few select internationally celebrated artists who push country music forward, introducing the genre of music to new audiences. Recognizing the ability of talented artists to reach fans globally, this award will be presented to artists solo, duo or group who have made a significant impact on the country music industry.

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These artists have broken barriers in areas such as record sales, growth and expansion of new audiences, and creating increased awareness of country music across the globe. The closing date for nominations is: Friday, February 22, Leonard T. The play-by-play voice of the San Jose Giants High A; California League and a spring-training broadcaster for parent San Francisco Giants, Ritzo just completed his 12th season as the Voice of the San Jose Giants and serves as a face of the franchise via game broadcasts on the local Comcast channel, a bi-weekly podcast and a popular team blog.

The Voice of the RubberDucks since , Akron is the latest stop for Wilson, whose career has spanned 22 seasons and approximately 2, games.

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    Personnel News: Buffalo, Indianapolis October 10, For example, do you want to draw attention to your leadership skills or specific industry know-how? Ensure that your description emphasizes these attributes. As you can see, the good description gets to the point concisely, uses objective language, and backs the award up with quantifiable evidence.

    On the other hand, the ineffective description rambles on without a clear purpose, uses subjective language, and forgets to include factual evidence to support the award. Including relevant awards or special recognition is a great way to catch the eye of potential employers and give the reader insight into your skills and capabilities.

    Selected carefully, awards can help to set you apart from the crowd and give the reader insight into your capabilities such as initiative, leadership, sales, and so forth.

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    Depending on the resume, type of award, and how far along you are in your career, this information can be listed in your job descriptions, in a separate section, or under Education. Our advice would be to only include awards and other recognition if these provide evidence of skills or abilities that potential employers are likely to be looking for.

    If you need a little extra help to get started on your resume, use the customizable online resume templates from Resume. How to List Academic Achievements on a Resume. How to Write a Resume Summary Statement.

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