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If you give everything a proper place and show your family where to put things even little kids can be taught this too , it will make your life much easier and your home will be simpler to keep tidy and clutter-free. Your wardrobe should be for your clothes only!

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For example, I used to keep all our books in the living room, but I realised that I never actually read in there. This often works in smaller homes where rooms have to be multi-functional. For example, if your spare bedroom or even living room doubles up as a home office, try to keep all your office stuff in one corner or along one wall. Colour has quite a big impact on our emotions and you can read more about it if you do an internet search on the psychological effects of colour. Minimalist homes tend to have lots of neutral tones, pale and soft colours and a similar colour palette throughout.

This is intentional because these colours tend to emphasise the feeling of space, openness and emphasise flow and continuity through the rooms. If you love bright colours, then definitely find a way to incorporate them into your style but just be careful how you do it. Dark, bold or bright colours tend to excite the eye and the mind so if you love pattern and colour but still want a minimalist home, maybe just use pops of colour throughout the house.

Try the odd cushion, photo or picture for example, but not for walls, floors or big pieces of furniture. Just remember to really focus on the key things that are important to you and make them really shine out.

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You could think about using more natural materials or a limited combination of them, rather than loads of different ones. Metal, concrete, wood and stone are popular not only for furniture, but any accessories you want to include such as lighting, candle holders etc. Use texture rather than colour to add interest and variety.

An example could be all the cushions on your sofa. Try having cushions that are roughly the same colour but mix up different textures to make it more interesting.

When Simple Living Breaks Your Heart

Nature is really calming and is a fantastic source of inspiration for a Minimalist home. White space on a page adds definition and allows the important points to stand out. The same is true of your home. Work out which things you really want in that room, what do you use and what do you want to look at or visitors to see when you go into that room. By all means include them see point 5 above! You can either opt for warm, cool or natural lighting and much of it is personal preference so see what suits you.

This is a must and really should be higher up the list! Make sure that you all know where things live so nobody can use that as an excuse for leaving things out or piling them up in the corner of the room or table top. Teach your kids to help as much as they can, share out housework and chores and it will make it much quicker and easier for you to keep on top of your home.

Check out these couple of posts which might also help:. I am very mindful of how I choose to spend my time. I just got a smartphone for the first time! Is your boyfriend controling you? They may be wonderfully loving messages but you have a life to live! He is robbing you of your time, thoughts and choices.

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Also Dave Ramsey for advice getting out of debt. Dave Ramsey is great. Next I will tackle my debt using the snowball effect Step 2. Now I am in a quandary about whether to own a home at all. I want to move to the beach but dread another mortgage or even a rent payment. I think the biggest culprit of wasting time is that of the need to seem busy! Unsubscribe to as many things as possible and be disciplined on social media and emails. Cell phones are acceptable, but try storing it away whenever you can! Faces in the phone. You see all these people sitting alone with their phones in their faces.

Nobody talks to real humans anymore. My nieces and nephews even sleep with their phones next to their heads. Hi, I just realized i have a problem, in almost a year i will have one of the most important exams in my life — baccalaureate, and i need a very good mark for the university i would like to follow.

I was thinking about cut my internet time for a while, but i still need it for some homeworks, projects, informations for school, keeping in touch with friends, things like that. I was thinking that a simple, more minimalist life would help me and keep those distractions away. Could you give me some tips for a simpler life?

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I will be grateful. I say Amen to number 4. If breathing is difficult how are we suppose to be happy and creative. One of the best things I ever did to simplify my life was to get rid of my car. I have to be much more intentional without one and enjoy a slower pace of life. Tracking my expenses definitely helped me save money. Budgeting sounds so boring but after forcing myself to do this, I realized how how unnecessary a lot of my expenses were! Also, with a layout of my expenses, I could see where I could subtract a little money from for huge savings.

Being debt free is a beautiful plus in my minimalist lifestyle. Completely agree with the random monthly expenses. No point of having random memberships that you never use just to feel guilty about them. Life was so much simpler without so much technology. Keep a credit card , but only if you track your spending , live on a written budget and pay the card in full.

Simple Mommah, Simple Life: Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life

Use a card that gives back, we use a hotel chain card. Read your credit card statemen! Always pack some water and food. A picnic healthier and more pleasant than waiting in line. I agree with all points, except the first one. I think having a smartphone actually makes life easier. I have a laptop and my smartphone. I got rid of my old camera i. Okay, some clothes and basic supplies, but nothing else.

Simple Living: How to Live a Simple Life in a Modern World

So maintaining a well-working computer and a smartphone would not be a problem for me. I know how to keep them fast and running. And I only pay 8 euros per month to use the phone. No TV, no phone. Ditto on cable! Most larger county systems are buying into the digital loan programs and expanding! Of course there is hardcopy stuff to borrow too, who knew!?!

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  • Please look over your personal credit history and FICO score, and see if that would be the best cause of action. For most people the answer is no! A better course would be to simply stop using them.

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    • Locking them away after paying them off! Closing a line of credit should generally be a last resort. Of course that also depends on who that line of credit is with…. Doing the latter could adversely affect your FICO. And because everyone from your landlord to a potential employer now checks your FICO score, its always good to have a healthy one! I was told not to close my credit card accounts as it would lower my credit score because of the available credit to debt ratio issue. The thing that I really love about trying to revert back to our natural humanity is that it sounds so Zen-full and can lead to a much more fulfilled life.

      Although the best a part for me at least about being a minimalist is all that moo-la. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!