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This was an inexcusably unceremonious end for a character who we had admired and grieved with and grown to love. Just because you glossed over Wang Sik in As for Sunny, the Empress came out of the drama rather empty in the romance department; she and Wang Sik never even so much as confessed their feelings for Unfortunately, our other male lead met a far less fitting end. Gripton as the mismatched couple re-open the case on the disappearance and attempt to find the girl.

As they get closer to their goal, they encounter magicians and Mesmerists straight out of Hell. Keep your eyes closed, stay alive!!

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Published: August 1, All five books are now under one title; they are well-written novels, fast moving, sometimes violent, with truly psychotic killers and lots of knife-edge tension. Crime and mystery writing at its very best..

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Twin Strike by S. The fifth and final crime caper with Dave Lewis and Mariska Masekova. This one concerns Analaise and Victoria Harcourt, the twins who live in his house, who once worked for the security services and discovered rogue agents who now kill for a living and who are hunting the twins down to kill them in the most terrible of ways. Another brilliant novel from the imagination of S. Butterfield's Hate by S. Published: March 26, A fourth crime investigation for Dave Lewis and Mariska Masekova, this time concerning Butterfield, a fat ex-cop, who harbours great hate in his heart for Dave for helping getting him dismissed from the force and for killing his mother.

He brings together six psychopathic teenagers to aid him in his revenge, he trains them up as acrobaitc clowns, and they kill and kill for him. Darke Revenge by S. Published: November 4, A third investigation for Mariska Masekova and Dave Lewis, this time concerning missing teenage girls who are turning up dead. They have been abused terribly, held captive for days, and there are no clues. Then there are the crazy fraudsters, the corrupt City Officials, ghosts at the top of the stairs, a house full of women, and a fiery final conflict. Bleak Winter's Heart by S.

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  4. Words: 78, Published: July 16, She scours the county of Norfolk, England, in increasingly worse weather, looking for him, while her personal life begins to unravel. Then more people go missing and her professional life begins to break down. Can she find the missing people before disaster strikes?

    Red Die by S. Words: 96, Published: March 28, Mariska Masekova and Dave Lewis are back!! Following DARK TIMES, the pair are again hunting very bad people, this time they believe a series of hit-and-runs during which children are killed are not the accidents the cops believe them to be, they are convinced they are murders.

    Not only do they set out to prove it, they hunt the killers, one of whom might be the charming, upper-class Edward Darke. Work Up by S. Words: 60, Published: February 12, In there were over , Sailors in the Royal Navy, but there were no wars to fight, it was a reasonably peaceful decade for the Force. So what did the Sailors do? This novel will provide some answers.

    It focuses on a very small number of Sailors, on a very small ship, doing a Work Up at Portland, in Dorset, which was a requirement of every ship before it was qualified to join the Fleet. Words: 35, Published: January 27, When most of the population of the world was enjoying itself during the 's, listening to great music, watching great movies, watching world changing events, certain members of society were only intent on killing, sadism and rape.

    This is the story of some of them, along with the other stuff that was important to most of us during that decade. Streets Of Filth by S.

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    Words: 40, Published: December 27, Welcome to the lawless town of Hill's Maryport where the good guys are bad and the bad guys are despicable, abusive, violent and intent only on their own filthy rewards. This is possibly the most anarchic novel you will ever read. Run Money by S. Published: December 14, Twins Kathryn and Michael are at home in Sacramento, on a Saturday when their father is murdered. They run from the man who killed him, but on a computer disk discovered later, a message from their dead father, he tells them they must turn to Vicki Harper, the only person they can trust.

    But she lives in Homestead, Florida. An adventure to die for. Where No Crows Fly by S. Published: December 6, Father teaching daughter, daughter teaching son. Florence Elizabeth the worst of them all. A crippled Detecive, shot during a murder attempt is trying to hunt the killers down. If he succeeds what affect will it have on his beautiful, fragile model wife? Will she have to pay for his success? Dark Times by S. Price: Free!

    Words: 87, The three of them hunt a merciless arsonist who cares nothing for property or life, only intent on death and destruction. The ghost of a child trapped between life and death calling for help. City Of Sinners by S. Corruption is ripe in the City Of Sinners. Rich and powerful businessmen own the police, the politicians and have killed anyone who opposes them.

    Oklahoma Blue by S.

    Revenge Is Bittersweet Why We Both Loved And Hated The Last

    A serial killer is on the prowl in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. Maureen Lee - Ten Great Novels. The Price of Love and Other Stories. Peter Robinson. Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy.

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