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What tactics will you use to attract people to your challenge and what tools will you use? How will you gather data and stories from participants after the challenge? How will you build buzz for the next challenge? And, while you're at it, what types of products and services can you market to challenge participants after the challenge? If you've already answered the questions and completed the previous 7 steps, you're ready to launch your challenge.

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To make sure it goes smoothly, make a list of all your action steps and deadlines. Here's where a trusty project management system comes in handy. We love asana. So that's the big picture for the steps to follow to create your 7, 14, 30, 60 or whatever number of days challenge.

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You can download our free 8-Step Customer Challenge Planning Worksheet to help you plan your own challenge by clicking on the box below:. But as you can probably already guess, one of the most time-consuming parts of all of it is the content creation. Here's how you can pull together your own 30 Day Challenge in a day or so, using your ready-to-go content from Content Sparks. Sorry, this one is no longer for sale.

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You'll need to fill in any gaps or delete content, just like you would with any done-for-you course, based on what your challenge participants know or don't know already. In the 10 Days of List Building , each chapter is broken into 10 points. And each has a learning activity. However, some of the activities are longer and couldn't be done in one day. To make this into a 30 Day challenge vs. The longer each task takes to complete, the higher your drop-out rate is going to be. Stick to no more than 1 hour per day, with things that take longer broken down over several days.

Or you could just pull out the parts of the course that take less time and that you want to make sure people achieve in a 10 day period.

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For example, the chapters in which they define the purpose for their list, set up their list, and define their audience can each be done in a day. However, the chapter on creating your lead magnet might be 2 days — one for brainstorming and one for creating it, which might need more direction. If you also have a license for our List Building Lead Magnets package, you could pull content from there to provide the extra direction.

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Or even give your customers a template for creating their own freebie checklist. The chapter on creating your squeeze page could also be split up, but you could add a short video of your own showing them how to use LeadPages or another tool to create an opt-in page quickly. Make sure you add your own affiliate link! You see how similar it is to the original? All I did was add my branding, change the title of the day, and alter the assignment a little.

Are you starting to see how you can create your challenge content quickly, but still add your own value? In our course on Exercises in Creativity and Innovation , people evaluate their creativity characteristics, identify the best environment for their creativity, and they go through several exercises for nurturing their creativity.

Then they look at barriers to overcome, some tools to help them out, and they do some review and planning. Exercises in Creativity and Innovation — Table of Contents.

For a 30 Day Creativity Challenge, you could break up the content over the course of the 30 days, having people do the exercises more than once. There's a workbook with almost all of our courses, so you'll already have something to send along with the relevant chapter. Just tailor it to your audience. And ideally, you'd also create a Facebook Group like the earlier examples where people can share their successes and obstacles during the challenge.

If you already have a Facebook Group, you could ask people to use a hashtag when they post. That way, you'll be building a supportive community and giving people something to talk about and learn from.

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Fill in the blanks as you progress. These will be the important points that you'll take away from the session.

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If you think rich people are bad, then Bless 3. Create stories that 4. You will be rich, you will be wealthy. I am and 6. High self-worth will create a high net-worth and 7.

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Many people loose their money because People are bad at it because You must be a great get financially free. To get rich you need 9. Energy can be You must be good at : i. I am afraid of Most of the people don't have a to success.

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What is your to get rich? You have a Your should not be about money that's the beauty of it. My route to success must match! You will have to work hard, but for Universe has a flow for you, you were born to be We are creatures of You need to practice Money, Income and Freedom page 9 Use this space for your own notes. Read Free For 30 Days. Description: Questionaire for wealth Very good document for those who are interested in increasing wealth. Flag for inappropriate content.